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Nothing But Good

Eating lunch in between a video edit session and an afternoon editorial meeting, I sit analyzing the upcoming evening’s training, wondering whether I should take my daughter to the gym to self-train with me, or if I should join her in regular upper sash class.  If I didn’t have to consider my girl, no analysis would be needed.  I’d be going to the gym.

I got a step closer today to working there with the Kids’ Club, when I found out that they’re actively trying to gauge interest among member parents for a children’s kung fu class.  That’s not the least bit definitive, but it was a step enough in the right direction that I had to suppress my urge to jump up and down in the office hallway.

I wrote last week in “Inner Circle” that I’m at peace with the change in my status at the guan.  However, as evidenced by last night’s post, I still take issue with some of the things said to me in the process of executing that change.  Hell, I take issue with many aspects of my Sifu’s perspective on interacting with people.  There.  I said it.

But enough, already.  Sifu’s living in my head rent free, and that’s not space, time or energy I want to give up without being paid.  It feels like I need more distance.  It feels like that would be nothing but good for me.

I think tonight is my last Tuesday upper sash class.  Unless I want to spar, Saturday will become my only day at the guan.