Daily Archives: June 21, 2014

Proper Distance and Speed

Less than two months into the school year, my daughter’s weekly grade reports from her English and History teacher always had a zero on them.  She would either not complete the homework she handed in or forget to hand in the homework she completed.

Then there was Math, the subject for which she has a natural aptitude.  She hated it.  She had to actually pay attention and read the questions thoroughly to keep from making mistakes of oversight.  And the girl was used to just flying through math homework on the way to anything more interesting.  So getting my ADD girl to slow down, pay attention, remember assignments and, well, care – without taking medication – felt like a second job.  That job lasted through the holidays, then into the new year, and all the way to winter break.

When all was said and done and the final bell rang on seventh grade, that girl of mine brought home a report card with nothing on it lower than a 90!  It was her best academic year yet, and it required a celebration.  So on Friday, after a relentless stream of appointments and errands that included my drug screening for teaching at the gym, the family took off to Ava’s personal idea of heaven on earth: Dave and Busters.

IMG_20140620_135154 IMG_20140620_141041_edit

By the time she finished playing every driving game in the building and cashed in her tickets, she was a happy high honor roll student – and I was ready for a nap.


My afternoon was supposed to end with a meeting to fill out my employment paperwork at the gym, but that had to be postponed to Tuesday (the program director and Kid’s Club director have yet to get together on when and in what room my class will begin!).  I opted to drop by the gym anyway and put the proper distance and speed on The Walk in White Eyebrow.   It was the right choice and a very successful night of training after a wonderfully celebratory day.

I got a frown and a perfunctory return on the bow to Sifu this morning.  It may have had nothing to do with my absence from Friday class.  Either way, I was completely guilt free!