Daily Archives: June 15, 2014

Rolling Out & Rolling On


Home sweet home – and just now enjoying a moment to breathe… and write.  Those thunderstorms that last day in Florida did indeed delay our return.  But Ava and I enjoyed a parting meal at a popular Daytona barbeque joint, before spending an extra two extra hours in an airport that can only belong to the city where Disney lives.

The airport itself is like an amusement park wrapped into a city unto itself.  I know it’s convenient, but how can it possibly be peaceful to have a hotel room inside of an airport?


Anyway, we made it back to Baltimore somewhere around 1 a.m., and the wait for both luggage and staff was thankfully only minutes long.  Though neither of us crawled into our beds until about 2:30, we successfully rolled back out of them for kung fu, and were stretching with Merle and Aaron on the floor of the school by 10:15.  It wasn’t until then that I remembered the email I received while sitting in the Orlando airport in an anxious but sleepy haze, looking for something to stream on my laptop to pass the time.

The email came from the gym, and the subject line read: “Offer Letter and New Hire Information.”  There’s a drug test and a training session to submit to, and then, all’s that’s left for the teaching to begin is the program director to tell me my start date!  It felt almost triumphant to whisper that news to the family while stretching in the guan during a class I used to help teach.

Just minutes after our smiles waned, I caught a green sash daydreaming while a Siheng was instructing her group.  I pointed her eyes back in his direction and said with a smile, “Wake up, lady.”

“I’m trying,” she answered, with shoulders sagging.  “Where have you been?” she whispered, walking to her place in the rotation line.  “I miss you teaching.  You keep my attention.  You get in my head and make me want to work.”

I wanted to answer her question.  I wanted to cry.  I managed to simply thank her and tell her that I miss teaching her, too.  Then, I took a moment to marvel at how the universe works sometimes.  Her words were a fantastic affirmation, perfectly timed, that the offer letter isn’t a waste of paper, that I belong at the head of a class.