Daily Archives: May 29, 2014

Warrior’s Jig


I end every training session by loosening up my over-exerted leg muscles on a foam roller.  From the floor after last night’s workout, this is what I looked up to find punctuating the quiet solace of my meditative stretching.



My Sanshou-loving boy is the only martial artist I know who winds down at the end of a sweaty night at the gym by tossing out a hundred or so fast-flying punches.  It’s an impressive display of youthful stamina that makes me… well, jealous.

When he finished his punches with earbuds still firmly lodged in his ears, he started dancing.  I watched him finish out the song and shared in the joy that accompanies a good night of kung fu – especially with classics from Red Hot Chili Peppers in the background.  He aptly named the evening’s finale “The Warrior’s Jig.”


And I danced one myself earlier today when I received an email from the Kid’s Club Director at the gym.  It said, among other things, “Attached is the application and background check. We will go ahead and get started to add you as an employee.”

It’s been quite the long wait, but unless someone slips a mickey into my water bottle that wrecks my drug test, I’ll be teaching wannabe white sashes after I return from vacation in mid June.  And that news is most definitely worthy of a warrior’s jig!