Daily Archives: April 16, 2014

Letting Go & Logos – Part 2!

Email from the gym today on me teaching kung fu: “…I think it would be awesome to try it out here if you are still interested.”

There is most definitely something to be said for letting go!

Letting Go and Logos

I took a break last night from kung fu, aided by nasty weather and aggravated arthritis.  I spent the evening instead working on a logo for a baking venture that’s starting to feel inevitable, if only for a little extra money to spend on kung fu!  I came to logo creation after putting in yet another phone call to the director of children’s programs at the gym to see if they’ll let me teach a kung fu class.  They told me she was in a meeting.  So I thought it best to turn my attentions to another potential income venture that makes me happier than my job currently does.

I can probably count on one hand the number of times in my life I’ve consciously told myself to let something go, following it with the thought that if something is supposed to happen it will.  That’s because my natural tendency is to be a doer and a fixer.  If I want something to happen, I try to make it happen – often to the consternation of others involved in the happening.

I really want to teach kung fu again.  So I’ve done the best I can to press without being scary.  That, in and of itself, is a big deal for me – the whole attempt not to be scary.   Ten years ago, it was practically my motto to let the chips fall where they may.  But last night, I told myelf not to send this woman another email after she failed to take my call and return it, and I didn’t.

Not being scary has gotten me six weeks of “we’ll get back to you.”  It’s also now gotten me a logo for a baking venture.