Journalist, Sijeh, Baker, Mom

The title of this post most succinctly describes who I am, in no order of experience and certainly not in order of importance. Still, they are me. As my children approach their last years in senior and junior high school, I find myself thinking often about these descriptors, wondering if the newer additions to the list can ever take center stage.

Journalist and mom are the two things I wanted to be from as far back as I can remember. I got my first paycheck for the former a year out of college and became a mother five years into my career. From minute one, being a mother has filled me with unmatched senses of wonder and responsibility. I would move Everest one fistful of dirt at a time for either of my kids, if I had to.

Most of my time in print and television news and public affairs has felt almost as touched as my life as a mother. I’ve met and produced interviews with countless VIPS, including former U.S. presidents. So, I could leave my career tomorrow feeling that nothing’s been left undone. And I wish I could.

The career has satisfied my intellect and does a good job keeping the children in all that they need and most of what they want. I’d like to do something more soul soothing now, which brings me to the remaining items on the list.

I’ve been baking since I was a child, taught by my mother and grandmother, but I didn’t do so with regularity as an adult until my mother died in 2007. I could now fill a very large bakery with the number of pies, cakes and cookies I’ve made since then, for one simple reason: when I miss her acutely, I bake. It’s an activity that satisfies an emotional need.

I’ve perfected so many recipes, it’s been suggested by more than a few that I sell what’s coming out of my oven. But that won’t pay the mortgage – at least not from my oven. And if it did, it wouldn’t leave time for kung fu and being a sijeh.

I need not explain the importance of being a sijeh, a kung fu black sash. Most days, my blog is about just that. It is among the most soul-soothing components of my life, as it satisfies a host of needs as well. It is, in fact, a way of life. But it, too, will not pay the mortgage – at least not any time soon.

And so I continue on with what does keep the bills paid and the children fed, while grabbing the kung fu clothes daily and the mixing bowl weekly. Neither can play a larger role in my life for the foreseeable future, but these parts of my persona that have grown considerably in recent years are as much a part of me as the things I always wanted to be.

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5 responses to “Journalist, Sijeh, Baker, Mom

  • amediablogger

    I enjoy your blog so much. I like the thoughtfulness that you put into every post and I admire you. I like all the different “you-s” that you write about. I’m glad you find comfort in baking and I cannot imagine how tough this life challenge is.

  • Jase

    MMmmmm, I have a similar issue really…I loved my job when i started it, now after 18 years or so, it simply pays the bills, but I do still enjoy it when the work is good, management is good, and the depression dormant. However, I’d much rather be planting food, teaching music and martial arts in a field. I strive towards this, step by step. I realise that my mortgage traps me, so I need to free myself of it somehow, or at least reduce it to the point where alternative incomes will satisfy it. Then we are laughing.

    • T. D. Davis

      I still enjoy mine, too – mostly on the days I have editorial control. And there’s no denying it’s an amazing job. When I remember to be grateful, I’m fine. That’s the best I can do, since even reducing the mortgage still leaves me with two college tuition bills to pay. 🙂

  • …No Pressure! | Middle-Aged Martial Arts Mom

    […] My food manager certification is in the mail, as I passed the exam with flying colors!  So I’ve now begun working on the first real business plan of my life, the construction of which is redefining the term time-consuming as I know it. Rent or purchase?  Mobile or stationary? Wholesale or retail?  These are the questions for the baker side of my life.  Then, there’s the Sijeh part.  (Greater explanation of these “parts” discussed here.) […]

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