Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

Three Minutes to Choose


A trip to the martial arts equipment store is always happy news to at least one of my children. Today it was my youngest who was so thrilled she squealed loud enough for me to hear her in the background through the phone.  She outgrew her staff more than a year ago, even before having to perform Long Staff twice to earn her red sash. She simply used one of the staffs in the rack at the school for her tests. But Saturday is the last weapons class before the tournament next weekend, where she’ll have to bring her own weapon. So today was the day.


It took her all of three minutes to choose. My girl is not a shopper.  Here’s hoping she stays that way.


I watched her as she waited for it to be cut down to her proper height.  She looked like she was doing the form in her head, and I could relate.

May she be instantly comfortable using her new staff.  May she have as much joy as I have with mine!