Do No Harm

Last night I made the mistake of watching a couple of news magazine segments on children and guns.  It’s not the kind of thing I watch at home, since I spend all day at work keeping an ear on the news that blares from the dozens of different televisions on the floor.  I’m also the kind of woos who doesn’t want to see a dead child on any of her screens when the program is fiction.  So to listen to real life parents talk about making a mistake so big it cost them the life of their youngest child was seriously disturbing.

I don’t own a gun and never have; so it’s not like one of my children or their friends is going to kill themselves or someone else in my house with my weapon.  But I have made several choices – thankfully, long in the past – that endangered a loved one or two.  The program awakened me to those memories and to the greatest nightmare I can imagine: being personally responsible for harm to one of my children.  I can do without those thoughts.  I can also do without ridiculous theories related to guns that raise my blood pressure.

I once read a blog post by someone who was trying to make an argument for guns having a place in martial arts training.  I don’t remember exactly what my comment was, but it was along the lines of: “Are you out of your mind?”  The first thing that came to mind when reading it was having some of my six, seven, eight year old students in the guan at the same time as someone “training” with a gun.  What??  The image was like something out of upside down world.  I don’t have any problem with anyone’s Second Amendment rights, but in martial arts, the weapon is supposed to be your own body, primarily.  The addition of a staff, sword, spear, etc. is just gravy.  The idea of adding a gun strikes me as complete insanity…but maybe that’s just me.

Okay.  That’s enough of that diatribe.  Off now to welcome a new black sash into the ranks after a couple of current black sashes (one of which will be my son) makes him prove his sparring worth.  I love these days.  There’s something truly special about welcoming a new person into the ranks.  This will only be my third time doing so as a black sash myself, but it’s like bringing a new child into the family – one you certainly wouldn’t want to see get hurt.


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5 responses to “Do No Harm

  • cellulitelooksbettertan

    I’m taking a deep breath right now as I type. I will do my best not to jump up on my gun soap box. Being from Texas, I’m sort of in the minority that I don’t think just any Tom Dick and Julie should carry a gun. I mean, I’m relatively sane, and I don’t trust myself. Kids should NEVER be allowed to play with guns – in my humble/notsohumble opinion. I’ve had a lot of friends die from both accidental and purposeful gun shots (5, and that’s too many), and when I hear of guns and kids…I kind of sort of freak out. Having said that, I totally agree with you on your stance, and even though I only took one semester of martial arts in college (jui jitsu), I feel that my body is my best weapon.

    • T. D. Davis

      Wow – five friends! I lived in Texas for three years and was married to a Texan for ten. I have to confess, I never got the fascination with firearms – but I know not to mess with it when I’m actually in TX.
      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject and thanks for reading,

  • cho wan yau

    I hate guns period. Guns have one purpose only. Apart from law enforcement or the military in defence of their own country and not to invade others or meddle in their politics for their own gain, then I guess guns are a necessary evil.

    Certainly no room for guns in martial arts. It is primarily to train your body and for self defence and discipline and pushing yourself to your limits, not for killing. Easy, just aim and pull the trigger, there is no need to train in martial arts. Guns have no place in the home or the community at large. It scares the hell out of me when senators advocate teachers carry arms even machine guns in school to protect the kids, like schools are war zones. Something seriously wrong with society if that is deemed necessary. Maybe we should ask ourselves why more and more mainly young people are going round shooting randomly at innocent kids and fellow students and then turning the gun on themselves? And what we can do to prevent it or make it less likely to haopen in the first place? Security can never be 100% foolproof. Teachers should teach and not be soldiers forced to kill. What if s/he shoots a kid by mistake and has to bear that guilt and it is a minefield for the law. As a teacher I would certainly not want to be put in that position. I have neve held a gun nor seen one in real life and I never want to.

    I think it is a good thing that the police are not routinely armed only specially trained ones to deal with armed suspects, kidnappers or terrorists. I would feel more threatened by the idea of trigger happy law enforcement than criminals.

  • cho wan yau

    I am referring to the British police not being routinely armed.

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