Daily Archives: January 24, 2014


I like to assume that anyone can surprise me in kung fu.  Perhaps it’s because I surprised myself in making it to black sash that I give the benefit of the doubt to every student in the building, no matter how much they may have struggled in the past with a certain stage of the curriculum.

I don’t think that my daughter is getting that benefit of the doubt from some of our instructors.  What is the norm for students at her sash level isn’t expected of her, because it’s assumed that her PDD makes her a person that needs more time to learn.  That was true when we came to the school, but not anymore – and not for some time.  Her issues are social not physical.  She’s now a person who needs a push to get it done for almost everything in her life that she considers work, and only her immediate family (and academic teachers) seem to know that.

I don’t teach upper sashes yet, but the mother bear in me has been awakened.  Quite simply, this means that a Siheng or two is going to need to make an allowance in the instructor rules for me when it comes to my daughter.  She deserves a lot more teaching attention than she’s getting, and I don’t plan to keep her waiting any longer.